Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Three years ago, I met a Zumba instructor who visited CONVERGYS as part of Gold's Gym marketing promotion. It was also the company's way of introducing Zumba and encouraging  the employees to find time for fitness. My colleague, Malou and I were active weekend Zumba members then at the BGC park so when we learned and saw the event's poster at the hallway walls, we did not think twice in signing up even if that meant joining the Zumba after shift (aka no sleep at all).

When Carlo arrived & entered the game room, he exuded the presence of someone who was in charge. In fact, my colleague who almost became a gym class instructor could sense that we will be handled by a pro. Not that Carlo was intimidating. Even if the class has not started yet he was well aware of the ones who will not actively participate. He even pointed out that he enjoys teaching  those who prefer to stay at the back near the door. In fact he could already sense those who plan on walking out of his class if they feel they could not handle the steps or the routine anymore. So he jokingly requested to have the door closed so no one would  leave until the class was done, which elicited some laughter from the group.

Thursday  morning class at Gold's Gym Glorietta, with Carlo Galvez

Carlo loves to take pictures of his class even after a hyper energetic workout

When we started dancing, I found out and understood why he wanted to have the door closed. If one attended his class due to curiosity, then that person was in for a big surprise. Carlo was one hyper group instructor who will teach you how to dance that will make you wonder if your hips were still there. I could recall how my legs and hips hurt after dancing Christina Aguilera's ,"Burlesque." They hurt so much until I got home that I asked my K-POP dancer daughter what I did wrong. She smartly answered, "Mom, the routine was all new so your body will adjust. But if you continue doing it, the pain lessens until you will no longer feel it. It just takes time getting used to it." 

Okay. So I told myself, if I continue attending Carlo's class, I will no longer complain about the aches and pains. Or so I thought.

So that's what i did.

When I moved to a different company and found out that it offered a low gym membership fee at Gold's Gym, I took advantage of it especially that Gold's Gym Glorietta was just 5 minutes away from where I worked. The first time I went there, I immediately asked for the class' schedule & checked if Carlo has a class on that same day. It turned out that he had a back to  back class in the late afternoon. However that turned out to be a beginner's  mistake because I found out that his class was jam packed. Since I prefer to dance in front so I could easily follow his movements, I had a challenging time because I could hardly stretch my arms or do the steps without bumping into another student. As what to be expected, the class was so energetic and filled with adrenaline rush especially after dancing  the hardcore routines which Carlo was known for. 

As the days went on, I became a regular in Carlo's class. And just like anything that you do on a regular basis I have gotten used to his routine. I also learned that he was adored by his students because he has the gift of teaching routines that were easy to follow. He made his students laugh which helped lighten the mood especially if we come to his class after work or with no sleep at all. I also found out that he organize Zumba events for a worthy cause like that one time when he needed to fund for his Mom's surgery which was quite admirable especially when his Mom was at the event watching us dance with his loving son on the stage.

It had been months since I last joined Carlo's class. I have to admit I miss the adrenaline rush each time we work out & dance the routines that I have gotten familiar with. Not only that, I miss the short talks we shared once the class was over and those moments when he took our class picture after a tiring and energetic day at the gym. But more than the dancing, the body aches and the pains, I am a bit sad that I have not really gotten to thank him for inspiring us to move our butts and love those hours spent at the gym. He made us forget our problems, made us feel light and young even if that meant being sweaty after a tiring workout. 

To one of my favorite group instructors at Gold's Gym, happy, happy birthday. I sure hope that one day, I could join your class again. Enjoy your special day and keep inspiring.

Carlo Galvez is a Certified Zumba Instructor. For those interested to join his classes at Gold's Gym, please visit zumba.com. You can also get to know him more and his advocacies on his facebook page @facebook.com/carlo.galvez.

Below is the video link in that was shot by Carlo in  one his classes at Gold's gym. I was lucky enough to be included in the video. Just click on the link and enjoy watching.



(photos & video credits to Zin Carlo Galvez)


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