Thursday, August 7, 2014


When Women's Health Philippines posted on their facebook page about the series of WHPOPUP Studio classes for the month of August, I immediately sent them an email and signed up for the Pilates-Infused Yoga class at ONELIFE STUDIOI even wrote a post  about it so other health enthusiasts especially bloggers will get to know about this yearly event. I was thankful that I got included with my chosen class where the slots got filled in no time which only goes to show that YOGA is indeed one holistic approach that has become well known in the country.

Last night after getting lost almost twice, I finally got to ONELIFE STUDIO. Upon arriving I  immediately registered, signed the waiver form and afterwards, I was handed my free shirt and my bag of freebies. Good thing I came just in time because there were ladies who where already wearing the limited edition of WHPOPUP dri fit shirt courtesy of CARB TRIM which was one of the sponsors for the class. Since I was also given a key in exchange for my ID so that I could keep my things in my locker, I then went to the restroom and changed clothes. A few minutes later I joined the other girls where the class was about to start. Looking at the group, I knew for a fact that I was the most senior in age but that did not come as a surprise anymore. Ever since I started my journey through fitness, I have met and encountered people of different ages in all walks of life where I get to learn and socialize even for a short time. As I was getting the feel of my YOGA mat, our teacher, Joanne Ignacio introduced herself and  welcomed us at ONELIFE STUDIO. With her was fellow Yoga teacher Chiara who was there to guide us as well and to make sure the poses were done right. Teacher Joanne gave some basic guidelines since majority in the group were beginners, even added that she wanted us to enjoy the experience and not to be ambitious with the poses since it will be our first time. She  also acknowledged CARB TRIM as one of the sponsors and of course the staff of SUMMIT MEDIA including the gorgeous Lara Parpan, editor-in-chief of Women's Health Magazine who gave a short talk about healthy competition and listening to our bodies need for wellness. Shortly after that, the Yoga class officially began.

With Women's Health Philippines's chief, Lara Parpan

With Teacher Joanne's soothing voice and guidance, each pose was done with ease.Not only that, she made it a point to tell us how to execute them properly so as not to hurt ourselves and the reasons behind each pose. Funny but I felt that her voice became even soother as the poses became a bit challenging to fulfill.It was really something new for me where I have gotten used to fitness instructors during aerobics and Zumba classes where one has to shout,  "Hah!" to get energized so one could follow the fast tempo and steps. With Yoga, it was the exact opposite. There is no need to raise one's voice that one may find it even intrusive to create such noise because of the serene atmosphere and the constant need to focus, concentrate and just go with the flow. I have to admit that even in the last minute, when we were lying down and sort of massaging our backs pressed gently on the Yoga mats, I almost fell asleep. I almost forgot I was not at home although it almost felt like I was. In fact  when Teacher Joanne bowed her head which signaled that the class has ended, I somehow felt that my Yoga experience was short lived. Good thing that I will be a constant visitor at their gyms for four consecutive Sundays starting August 17,2014 due to Manila Fitness Eats Right Motivational Meet Ups where I signed up as well.That also means I get to join three more Yoga classes, learn and enjoy the experiences over again.

Teacher Joanne giving us guidelines with her soothing voice

Teacher Chiara was also there to make sure the poses were done right

I am sure glad I chose to spend my rest day at Onelife Studio. It was a new learning experience and one that I will look forward for more. To the friendly staff at the studio, Carb Trim for our drinks and of course Women's Health Philippines, thanks for your WHPOPUP Studio classes and for continuously sharing your events for free to everybody. 
More power!

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