Sunday, August 31, 2014

Feeling Renewed with Restorative Yoga

This is a very delayed post and I would like to apologize for not blogging for more than three weeks. The whole month of August has been a busy one due to the fact that I have changed companies and some adjustments needed to be made specifically with my work schedule. Though my training started on Aug 18th and will last for 5 weeks, I did have some difficulty blogging and even waking up very early over the past weekends. I am sure glad I already have adjusted and hopefully be back on blogging mode again.

Now to update you once again on the Motivational Meet Ups that I have joined which consist of Five Meet Ups, our second meet up was held again at The Onelife Studio where we had our session on Restorative Yoga.

With teacher Tanya (center) and the rest of the Second Batch of Eats Right Motivational Meet Ups

From the word itself, Restorative Yoga is a relaxed way of renewing oneself by performing yoga poses that are doable even at home. It was very easy to give in and feel relaxed with Teacher Tanya's calmed voice. All tensed muscles will be relieved because some poses were meant to massage especially the tight muscles at one's neck and back while lying down. At one point I even heard myself saying "hmm," which was the sound I make when I go to the spa and have a massage. Perhaps Teacher Tanya heard me so she massaged my forehead with some essential oil and that really felt so good. It was very tempting to just fall asleep especially when we heard some light rain in the background which added more to that heady feeling that you are again back in your own home.

Sharing my experience on how Yoga affected my life

When the session had ended, we had a short talk with Teacher Tanya and Mr Ferdinand Aguila who was the owner of the studio. We learned the importance of Restorative Yoga and how we can apply it with our daily lives.Teacher Tanya mentioned how hurried our lives were and how focused we are on things like traffic that easily get in our nerves without appreciating the mundane things that you have, like having your own car, being home with your family and just by simply being alive. It was then that I shared my story on how I started practicing basic Yoga poses at home before I joined a running event last June 1st. I told them that the week before the marathon, I visited the venue which was Luneta and ran from KM Zero to SM MOA. It was a good and easy run considering it was my first time to run from Luneta because I enjoyed the view by looking at the bay, the trees and the change of scenery. I never even knew then that the simple Yoga poses I have been doing at home already affected me, making me enjoy not just my run but my day as well until Teacher Tanya pointed it out.

We all have our ways of getting renewed when life's demands become too much for us to handle. Some of us go the spa and have a massage where as others go out of town to unwind. At times we feel that such relaxation is fleeting and short lived. Since not all of us have the means to relax and pamper ourselves even for a massage, a short walk at the park or just watch the sunset at the bay may help because more often than not, it is the small things that we must learn to appreciate in our lives which is enough to make us through the day.

This I have learned from my session on Restorative Yoga.

(photo credits to Ginger Arboleda of Manila Fitness)


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