Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Eats Right Motivational Meet Ups (BATCH 2)

A popular blogger once written that the minute you become a Mom , the last thing that you will think of is fitness. More often than not, mothers always make it a point to think of their families' needs first before their own. Honestly I was one of those Moms who used to think that way. Enrolling in a gym membership or even joining regular Fun Runs or Marathons will really hurt your budget especially if you have a big family with kids in college. And even if you are starting to feel the signs of stress taking its toll on your body, you become deaf to it especially if you think of the endless chores, responsibilities and bills that needed to get taken cared of. Until one day, your body finally give in to the stress that you chose to ignore and that is the only time you listen.

I had not only been deaf but blind in the past when it came to my health because I wanted to save on money. It is true that my kids and I have medical benefits but being absent even for a day will greatly affect not just my scorecard but my pay as well. And though we have sick leaves at work which are all convertible to cash, I chose not to be sick so that once these available sick leaves get converted, I still get to earn them. Besides, when there are days that when one feels so down, one would rather be productive and leave all the problems at home. 

But since I only have one body, the years of hard work coupled with stress is slowly taking its toll and if I continue not to listen, my body will definitely pay big time. That is the harsh reality that I need to face and accept. That was also the main reason why I slowly started to find time for fitness no matter how hard and challenging that can be. 

Motivation. Such a challenging and evasive word especially in one's journey to health and fitness. You search for it within yourself or look for fitness buddies hoping and praying that such motivation will last as long as your commitment to stay fit. Being human, we all have the tendency to slack, to have cheat days once a week until surprisingly all seven days become cheat days.Then we realize we have to start all over again. Nobody ever said that it was going to be easy and that there will be no pain. What matters is your constant drive, focus and determination to get fit. That is why motivational meet ups or groups will really help a lot when one is starting to backslide to old ways of unhealthy eating and lifestyle.

Just recently I got an email from Manila Workshops about one of their upcoming events  which is the Eats Right Motivational Meet Ups (Batch 2)

Headed by Ginger and Rona of Manilafitness.com, The Eat Right Motivational Meet Ups is a motivational group for women that run for five weeks, held every Sunday where they get to do different fitness activities while learning about proper nutrition. With this second batch, all activities will be held at Onelife Studio which is one of the sponsors for the meet ups. Now I know that the registration fee of Php2500 is still not that cheap for such budget conscious Mama like me that is why Manila Workshops will be giving a discounted rate of Php1500 if you sign up within the month of July. Don't you think that is such a great deal ? 

It sure is .

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