Saturday, May 3, 2014


Mom, Mama, Mother. Inay, Nanay, Inang. Mudra, Mujay, Mader. 

We all call them differently yet the meaning is but one and the same. It was one of the first words that we had been taught to say out loud, where the mere sound of it was rewarded by her kiss, her embrace that was not too tight to suffocate but just enough to comfort and forget one's pain and where the memories of childhood all come back again the minute we call her name.

When I was a kid I thought Mother's day was but an ordinary one. I could still recall when such day started to matter and that was the first Mother's day that my family had without my Dad.Though we were not a family of grand celebrations and lavish meals, a simple token like a card or a book with a dedication on it was enough for my Mom to make her day. 

When I started having kids, motherhood and it's meaning had changed  accordingly and as my kids had gotten older, my life's purpose too became clearer. And now as a Mom for 21 years and whose own Mom had more health issues, complications and confinements compared to others, I realized that I owe it to my kids to take care of myself and well being. Though some people may say that health is the last thing that one should think of once you become a parent, the knowledge that we should listen to our bodies' need for rest and recreation can never be denied because the minute we become deaf to such signs will eventually lead to unproductive days of stress and health problems.Thus it is very important especially for mothers to channel such negativity by creatively looking for practical ways to exercise that is not too strenuous and where the routines are easy to follow. Good thing there is Zumba where you not only get to dance but exercise those tired muscles while having a good time. And since Mother's Day is just a week away, an upcoming event specifically dedicated for mothers will again be held at the Samsung Hall in SM Aura Premier. I am referring to LIVE.LOVE.PARTY MOM WOW which is a Zumba fitness party this coming Mother's Day.

Presented by KARL EDWARD INTERNATIONAL in cooperation with Mrs. Philippines Globe, this Mother's Day special event will be held on May 11th, at SAMSUNG HALL in SM AURA PREMIER, the same venue where the successful LIVE.LOVE.PARTY.TROPICAL STYLE was held last April 27th. And even if it will be a day dedicated for mothers,  other members of the family are also encourage to join. What more you have until May 10th to take advantage of the Early Bird Rate of Php400  and for those who are not able to make it on the cut off date, can still register for Php 500 on May 11th which is the event day itself, at the front door of Samsung Hall in SM AURA PREMIER. 

We all have our unique ways in celebrating Mother's Day with our families. It can be a grand get together at home, a sumptuous meal at a fancy restaurant or even an out of town or out of the country travel. This Mother's Day, I will be one of those mothers who will spend the morning, doing the Zumba, dancing and grooving like the others. What more I will have one my daughters join me at the party and if I am lucky , another daughter to document the event. I chose to celebrate and start that day differently because I want my kids  to witness and understand that the reasons why I dance and exercise is because I want to live longer for them. I want them to remember that each time I clap, step and wave is an added hope of a healthier life which I want them to cherish and look back as one of the fondest memories when I am already old and gray. 

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  1. Hi Ms. Sarah! I think it's great that you're encouraging your kids to get into a healthy lifestyle. That's what my mom did. :) She's our inspiration and our fit-spiration!

  2. No wonder your whole family is into fitness. Your mom did a great job in inspiring you and Madelle to choose a life of wellness.

    Thanks for the visit, Kristie and blessings to you and your family

  3. Hi Sarah! I would love to dance away on Zumba with fellow mommies like us! I agree with you that taking care of our health is something we owe to our family. Now that I am a mom, I am more conscious of living a healthy lifestyle and fostering a healthy eating habit. I guess we have to do it for our kids to take on after us and we will always be fot enough to do our motherly roles for as long as we can.