Sunday, May 10, 2015

My Autistic Daughter's Story Gets Published At

When my daughter, Sidney and I met Jeff Lo at one of his running events last March, he told me to share my daughter's story at For those who are not aware yet, Jeff Lo is not just a marathoner, a triathlete and a race organizer but he is also the man behind the well known sports website "" At that time I was thrilled. It was not everyday that your story gets published and read by a lot of people not just in the running community but in other parts of the world as well. But while I was in the process of writing it, I had second thoughts if it was safe for other people to learn about the real story why my daughter started running in the first place. Not that it will be the first time.I already shared Sidney's story once at my other blog where I took the effort of editing the whole story three times because there was a point that I became a bit emotional while writing it. But to have her story read by the running community was quite different. I had doubts if the people who get to read it will truly understand what my whole family had gone through. Still I took the risk. 

When her story was published a few days before Mother's Day, I was teary eyed while reading it. Jeff Lo even sent me an email saying, " It was a long story but inspiring." 


To all those who took time to read my daughter's story especially to those who have sent me messages after reading it, thank you so much. As what my cousin told me, "Some people run away from their problems.You chose running to face them."

For more inspiring stories and running updates, visit You can also drop them a line or two at their facebook page for upcoming outdoor sports activities and events.  


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