Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Very Special Run

Ever wondered why a lot of people are running nowadays?

I do. And mind you it is not because it is the fad. I have been running since 2012 and even if I did not join that many races then as I do now, I know by heart that running is not a passing fancy kind of thing. It is one sport or exercise that can be done by ANYBODY. Whether young or old, fat or underweight, in the pink of health or with medical conditions and as long as the doctors said it is okay to do so, then  ANYBODY has the capability to run.

Including people and children with disabilities and special needs.

Personally I could attest to that  because I have a teen age daughter with autism and who had been joining 10K races since 2014. I even shared Sidney's story at
It only goes to show that nothing is really impossible in this world if you put you mind and soul to it. And it was not really a surprise when I found out that A Very Special Run was organized for the benefit of special children which will be held at the CCP Complex this January 31,2016.


Spearheaded by the PINOY ASPIRING RUNNERS and partnered with The Child's World- A Growing Center, a school for special children,this very special run aims not just to encourage healthy living for runners both old and new but to spread awareness that children with disabilities also have a place in the running community. Runners and running enthusiasts can choose from 16Km, 10Km, 5Km & 1Km which is the special category wherein a special child participant can get the same race kit for free for his or her companion by showing a Person's Disability ID or school ID. Also if you have a kid who wants to join and has special needs or knows of anybody who has one, the special child participant get a discounted registration plus a bib by simply showing the said required IDs. All you need to do is go directly to The Child's World-A Growing Center which is located in Quezon City. Proceeds from this event will be used for the school's scholarship funding as well as other cultural arts & sports programs.

I also heard that a number of teachers and parents from Pasay City Sped Center will join together with their kids. This center has been my youngest son's second home since  he was four years old as he also has autism. It would be great to join and bond with him  in this event especially now that he is growing up too fast.

Me and my son, Red

So if you are one running enthusiast who want to continue having a healthy lifestyle or simply want to bond with your family, spend your early morning at the CCP Complex on January 31st and welcome the new inspiring members of the running community on that very special run.

See you there.

For inquiries, visit the SpeEd unLIMITed facebook page & The Child's World website. You can also visit for updates.


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