Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Case of Humble Pie & Realistic Expectations

This is a very delayed post.

I had not have time blogging again due to the slowness of our old Mac desktop where a lot of files need to be deleted, including photos saved and downloaded by my daughters. Add to that my preference to share short posts on facebook after sharing the pictures of my outdoor activities. Sometimes I ask myself why my interest in blogging had been lessened. I can still write posts in an instant. Inspiration is very much present  especially with the things I have discovered about myself. Reading health articles and lives of inspiring people still interest me  especially those who chose to live life to the fullest despite their age or current health condition.

Perhaps it is the feeling that I do not have to conform or be at par with other bloggers success in such a short time. It is so liberating to know that you do not have to sponsor giveaways or write a review for products or causes that you believed in to get noticed by known companies or events. That you do not have to follow bloggers and comment in their blogs hoping they will do the same. In a span of three years, I have had my share of joining blogging communities, following blogs, joining memes, posting comments only for me to learn that it will not be reciprocated. Even being active in twitter or instagram to gain followers does not bother me anymore. At the age of 47, I have realized that there are writers who can really write and there are bloggers who are good in posting pictures not only in their blogs but in other in social media yet lack such authenticity in their posts.

Do not get me wrong. This delayed post is not about venting my experience as a blogger. Far from it. In fact, I still plan on blogging at least once a week & even revamping this blog. I just need to be more disciplined not only to improve on my writing but to share the good things of living a life of wellness and health.

But then how come some bloggers who also have active lifestyles still find the time to blog?

Probably because they feel a sense of responsibility in informing their audience about what they do and what they have learned in the process. Perhaps these people are no longer bothered if they have their own domain, have tons of twitter and facebook followers and most importantly, these bloggers are content enough in sharing their experiences and inspiring others by their stories and where earning from their blogs will be the last in their lists.


Honestly, it is hard to find the time to blog yet if it was a medium where you have learned from other people's writing and stories, then you will never get tired of reading and writing your own stories over and over again. I guess that is the reason why I try to find time to it, no matter how busy I am.

Which only goes to show that blogging has taught me to be humble and accept certain realistic expectations about myself.

And for now I am glad.


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