Monday, March 23, 2015

Finding the Time To Blog

It had almost been a year from the time I have blogged. A new company, new schedule and a lot of learning and small achievements had happened
I just finished my second Half marathon last March 8th. I did not have a new PR, finishing it in 3hours and 5 minutes but there was so much to thank for like running non stop until the finish line with no injuries, meeting a 64 year old marathoner who I exchanged stories and encouraged me to continue running, even inviting me for future trail runs that I will look forward to and lastly enjoying my membership at Gold's Gym where I met new and inspirational group instructors.

Finished strong & injury free
There will be more medals to come

Doors have been opened as well as far as my well being is concerned. I am now more into Yoga, doing it three times a week  and use it as a cool down exercise after my runs. I also started to do meet up runs with an old friend where we get to catch up like we used to.

We finally found Kilometer Zero

I also have plans on revamping this blog and even contributing for a fitness website. They may just be plans but who knows, they might get fulfilled sooner than I expect them to be.

Indeed there is so much to life than to complain and find fault in all that is negative which is such  a waste of energy.There is nothing to gain but stress and illnesses lurking inside ready to overwhelm us once that happens.

That is not going to happen to me and I will make sure of that.

Until then.


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  1. It would always be my pleasure to run and keep fit with you mommy. Continue being an inspiration to others.