Saturday, February 20, 2016


Ever tried joining a Zumba  Fitness Class at the park ?

I had.

Way back 2012 when I was new to running, my colleague Malou invited me one Sunday to join the Group Classes at the BGC park which usually starts at 5:30 AM daily. It was a year when we had the same schedules where our shift started at 8:00 PM and ends at 5AM with weekends off. We were considered lucky with that kind of schedule and since BGC is roughly 2Kms away from where we work, we would leave in a hurry so as not to be late. Fridays were dress down days. We would come to work in our workout gear so both of us will not bother to change especially when it was already time to clock out.There was even a time that our team leader asked us to stay after shift due to a post team meeting but we creatively made an excuse to escape and ran in a hurry.

That was how my colleague and I spent our early morning Saturdays then.

On Sundays, I woke up at 4AM, do some warm ups and take a very light breakfast. I leave the house at 4:30AM, take a short walk and since there were very few jeepneys on the road because it was very early, I run my way to BGC, making sure I arrive at the park 10 minutes early before the Group Exercise. 

That was how my fitness journey started.

When I moved to a different company where its benefits included a gym membership, I signed up immediately and took advantage of it. At Gold's Gym Glorietta which was a five minute walk away from work, I not only joined Zumba classes. I joined Definition and Yoga Classes as well. And even if the gym can be crowded especially during evenings and weekends, I enjoyed the various classes with their respective challenges. I also got to know such inspiring instructors who were mostly featured on local TV.

However despite the fact that I am mostly into running and Yoga these past months. I still kind of miss working out at the park where there is ample space enough for you not to collide with other fitness enthusiasts and where the trees and the sky replace the four corners of a gym studio. Thus when I have learned that there will be free Zumba Fitness classes at Ayala Triangle Gardens, I immediately became interested and got inspired to share the news by writing about it.


Staring March 1 until March 24, fitness enthusiasts are in for a one hour treat every Tuesdays & Thursdays for a free Zumba fitness class at the Ayala Triangle Gardens. Organized by LIVE LOVE PARTY, the series of events promises a live fitness experience that will surely make one feel energized for the rest of the day.

For those who work and reside in Ayala Makati, nobody can miss the Ayala Triangle Gardens. It is located near the Philippine Stock Exchange whose landmarks are near the Insular Building and The Enterprise Building.The Ayala Triangle Gardens is one of the favorite training fields for a lot of runners and had been the venue for some Yoga and Zumba Fitness Classes in the past. Food stalls and restaurants can be found in the area making it a great place to unwind by taking a stroll in the park after a very tiring day.

So mark your calendars and remember the dates.Invite your friends and colleagues. Find time for fitness no matter how busy you are and discover how to be truly alive. Make it happen and experience the free Zumba Fitness Classes at the Ayala Triangle Gardens this March.

See you there!

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