Saturday, February 27, 2016


I have been practicing Yoga for more than a year now. It all started with plain curiosity. Of thinking how such challenging poses were done and what does one get from doing them. I spent time reading about it especially when artists like Sting and Sherilyn Crow got featured in a magazine with those twisted pretzel like poses. I wondered how they find time for it no matter how hectic their schedule were. Little by little I tried doing them.  I experimented with the tree pose while waiting for the kettle to whistle  or while eating my meals at the kitchen counter standing on one leg. It was quite queer but that never bothered me.

When I started joining race events, I accidentally found out that running and Yoga go together. I remember that day so clearly because I decided not to join our out of town team building as I needed to train for the race which was just a week away. Other than that, I needed to familiarize myself with the route as the starting line was at Kilometer Zero in Luneta. And so I went there and ran up until SM Mall of Asia  which was roughly 7 kilometers or more. Along the way, I did not just focus my eyes on the road but found time to appreciate every little thing that I passed by. For the first time, I started to appreciate the trees with their twigs and leaves, the  US Embassy which I only have learned its location not until that day including the people who ran, biked and sold food along Roxas Boulevard. I got busy admiring the view on my way there that I did not notice I already reached SM MOA. Looking back, I asked myself what happened or what I did differently on that day. Though it helped that it was an early morning run, I realized that before I left home, I did some very simple Yoga poses to warm up my legs and muscles. It turned out that it helped lightened my mood and that affected my run which turned out to be very enjoyable that come race day I had a great time finishing that 10K race.

From then on, I became interested in Yoga. I joined Yoga classes at the nearest gym where I used to work and practiced them at home at least three times a week. Lately I found out that I could memorize the sequence of Yoga poses taught in class, making my own routine which I modify when I practice Yoga before I go to bed or after my early  morning Sunday runs. I also make sure that I practice Yoga everyday as much as possible a week before a long distance race or a mountain day climb.

Needless to say, Yoga has become a part of my life. For me it was not just a way of getting fit but a way of finding time for peace and reflection. Though I could also do that when I run which is high impacting, Yoga acts as a balance especially when it is done after my long runs. It serves as a cool down exercise as it stretches those tired muscles especially those at the back of the legs,shins & gluts. It helps a great deal in strengthening the core which is important if you are a runner.

It also strengthens one's concentration as it focuses on one's breathing, how it should be done properly and how one should appreciate it in any day of our lives whether you are a runner or not. The stress one experiences at home, in school or at work at times can be overwhelming and it is very easy to give in, affecting our bodies and ultimately our health. We often neglect that our tired muscles also deserve a break and that they need to be stretched so they could continuously do their job well.

We all know that not everybody have the time to go to a gym, visit a Yoga Studio or have the finances to enroll even. Thankfully, there are people who do the extra mile to introduce Yoga in our lives without having to spend a single centavo. I was lucky enough to learn about such community event a day before it will be held.


Brought to you by Life Yoga, LIFE AT THE PARK is a free Yoga Class which will be held tomorrow, February 28 at Burgos Circle in Bonifacio Global City. It will start at 9:30AM up until 11AM. You may want to come early to reserve on Yoga mats. You can also bring your friends and family members as all levels are welcome, whether you are beginners or not. What more LIFE YOGA will offer 20% discount on all packages if one wishes to enroll on that day.

So if you want to experience Yoga at the park, surrounded by trees and occasionally by birds, bees and butterflies, with some cool music to accompany you, try visiting Burgos Circle in BGC tomorrow. You do not only get to experience Yoga outdoors, you may even meet people who enjoy some peace and quiet while getting fit at the same time.

For inquiries, visit LiFE YOGA in facebook or you can also go to their website at for updates.


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