Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Women's Health Philippines

The journey towards health and fitness had never been an easy one. There is always the push and pull, one step forward, two steps backward that all too often have been seen and heard by many, always thinking that today is another cheat day and that things can wait for tomorrow to takes it course. All too often we tend to postpone our planned activities towards well being, either physically, emotionally and even financially until we realize that it is already too late.

Growing up in a family where financial and health issues had become the norm, I have learned early that life is short and should be lived in moderation not only to fulfill the dreams that I thought I have missed but to spend more time with the people I care for . But again the way and the means to do it will always be a challenge. The lack of time, money and motivation will always be the main reasons  why such goal seems unattainable and even doubt the validity for the need to be fit and healthy. That is why it is such a great help when magazines like Women's Health Philippines is there to guide and motivate women especially Filipinas to discover their hidden potentials and empower them to live their lives to the fullest. 

According to Lara Parpan,  editor-in-chief  of  Women's Health Philippines, the magazine motivates and educates women to take control of their physical and emotional selves so they can live the lives  they've imagined. Its focus on fashion, beauty, health and fitness, food/nutrition, relationships and inspirational celebrities ensures that all areas of the readers' lives are covered .

So if you are one of the many women who yearn to make those small and hesitant steps toward a healthy lifestyle, take time to read Women's Health Philippines and be motivated with their inspiring stories and articles. It is never too late to start one's journey towards good heath and well being.

For updates and motivational quotes, visit them @ or follow them @ is the online home of  Women's Health Philippines and of the magazines Candy, Cosmopolitan Philippines, Good Housekeeping Philippines Smart Parenting, Preview, Entrepreneur and Seventeen Philippines. It is the first Philippine website for women which is an interactive community and guide for Filipino women that is owned by Summit Media. 


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