Saturday, March 1, 2014

Time to Say Goodbye To My First Reebok Shoes

It had been almost two years when I bought my first Reebok shoes from a warehouse store in Mandaluyong City. At that time I was somewhat " forced " to buy a new pair because I had been  overwhelmed when I joined my first Fun Run where I got to register for free because I was one of the first 300 registrants to sign up. I was also a neophyte when it came to running. I did not have any running clothes, sports underwear even a pair of running shoes and since it was too late for me to back out I decided to just go thru with it which meant buying a skimpy, " maong " shorts, a pair of discounted Reebok shoes and socks of the same brand. It was also my first 3K run and despite my lack of preparation plus the risk of getting injured due to lack of exercise, I had a great time with my colleagues, got tagged with a lot of pictures that were posted on facebook, wrote a post about it where a lot of bloggers commented, even inspired one or two to start joining fun runs and ended up as a cover model for our company's magazine. (Well, it was a group picture and I just happened to be at the center).

Perhaps because that Integrity Fun Run was such a milestone that I decided to pursue a path toward fitness especially when I met a team mate who attends the weekly early morning aero at BGC, the same  area where the Fun Run had been held. From this colleague of mine, I had learned that Fun Runs were mostly being held in BGC and that the early morning aero had been going on for years. And even though that would entail going to the park after our shift with no sleep or waking up at about 4 am om rest days to get there on time, my friend and I had managed to squeeze in some fitness days three times a week the most. That also meant that each and every time I exercise, run or join the Zumba class at work, my old pair of  Reebok shoes went along as well. And because as a Mom, I thought that practicality can be applied even when it comes to using the same old rubber shoes over and over again, that mindset had changed when I read the  risks of doing so.

According to Christine Many Luff who is a fitness writer, an avid runner, a running coach and mom to two very active kids, running in old or worn-out shoes is a common cause of running injuries and that running shoes lose shock absorption, cushioning and stability over time. In her article, " When Should I Replace My Running Shoes ?"  continuing to run in worn-out running shoes increases the stress and the impact on your legs and joints, which can lead to overuse injuries. She added that the easiest thing you can do to prevent those types of injuries is replace your running shoes when they're worn out.

I have to admit that I had seen and felt the warning signs that my running shoes needed to be replaced even before I had read this article. When I had started running at least twice a week,  I had noticed that my running shoes " tongue " does not stay at the center so what I do is try to fix it during water breaks while running or even dancing. A few months ago, I also had noticed that my shoes were starting to loosen their grip on my feet that I always double check if they are tied properly or loosely. All these things I had set aside because I wanted to save and felt that I could still bear to use  them despite the fact that the risks of getting injured is just one run away. Until I decided to buy a new pair and say goodbye to my old ones.

Looking back now at my worn out running shoes, I could not help but feel nostalgic on those days that I had relied so much on them to keep me healthy and fit. I could recall how I first ran in the rain and joined my first 5K fun run, including joining the first Zumba class in our company. Like a sentimental fool, I try not to throw them away because doing so would mean throwing away a lot of good memories that went it. However the rational part of me knows that keeping or handing them down to one of my daughters will be an unwise decision because it would mean risking that person of the injuries I could have had if I had not replaced it. If only there is a program that reuses worn shoes  just like in the US who collects and accepts worn out running shoes and have them recycled into material used in sports surfaces, then giving them away will be less painful.

Time indeed flies so fast. Before I was just a beginner runner who knew nothing but to run my heart away, not thinking if I am dressed right or doing it the right way. Time and a minor injury had not lessen that passion to improve on my running and hopefully finish a marathon before I hit my golden years. In order to do so I must be well prepared, get trained and open to possibilities of having injuries along the way plus the fact of buying new pairs of running shoes and throwing away those that are worn out. Sadly, my running shoes are just like parts of my life that I once said hello and ultimately  will bid goodbye. A parent, a sibling, a relative, a daughter or a son, even a long lost friend. Throwing my old worn out running shoes somehow made me realize and accept the fact that nothing is really permanent except change and that one just have to live with it, perhaps slowly until it is time to move on.


  1. Wow, I didn't realize you had a new blog! I will definitely add this to my links...same niche! Nice! Anyway, yup, it is so hard to let go of those running shoes...I only have 2 pairs so far, and I probably wouldn't give them up just yet. Both are still working fine, and they were actually that makes it all harder to just give them up. (senti I know hehe)

  2. Thanks A! I was not surprised that we share the same sentiments. In fact my first pair was used by my eldest daughter at the UNILAB Fun Run last March 16th where we were both featured in UNANG HIRIT when we joined the Zumba challenge. Thanks again for dropping by .