Saturday, June 4, 2016

Fiber Up to Beat Hypertension

I first heard the word hypertension from a friend four years ago who has it and was taking maintenance meds . When she learned that she was two years older than I am, she got curious and asked me what maintenance I was taking. Since hypertension and maintenance medicine were alien words to me at that time, I told her that I only took Ferrous Sulfate. I felt a bit stupid when she corrected me that Multi Vitamins & Ferrous Sulfate were not considered maintenance medication at all but I was thankful that she did. A little bit of enlightenment goes a long way no matter what your age is.

I thought before that people with hypertension are those who get agitated or nervous easily, the ones who are quick to anger and in dire need of anger management. After a lot of reading and stories learned from people who had it, it  never came across that such behavior are symptoms of hypertension and possibly something else. It was also then that I understood the condition when I looked back on those years that I witnessed them from my Dad, Mom and even my older brother who was born with a congenital heart condition.


According to the Philippine Spciety of Hypertension, " Hypertension is another name for high blood pressure. It is that condition when the pressure inside of your large arteries is too high. Because it does not usually produce any symptoms, the only way to detect hypertension is to have your blood pressure measured. Hypertension affects about 8 million FIlipinos & the most common cardiovascular condition in the world. " 

More than 9 of every 10 people who have hypertension do not have a cause for it that can be identified. One can inherit hypertension from one's parents. If one or both parents have hypertension, one may likely to develop it. However, one can aslo acquire hypertension even if both parents have normal blood pressure.   

Lifestyle plays a vital role in handling hypertension. You have a chance to avoid hypertension by keeping your weight under control, keeping physically fit, eating a healthy diet, limiting your alcohol intake (no more than one mixed drink or one 12 oz. can of beer or one 6 oz. glass of wine daily), and avoiding smoking and medications that might increase your blood pressure.


According to Karen Langston, an Internationally,Certified,Holistic Nutritionist & specializing in Nutrition Education, once can lower down his blood pressure by changing the following:

Reduce salt intake. 

Refined foods, processed foods, canned foods, fast foods are all packed up with hidden sodium same thing with Deli meats, luncheon meats and hot dogs. Frozen, packaged, convenient foods  have also high sodium intake where as whole foods prepared and cooked at home have low sodium content. We all have the power to control our salt intake with a bit of work and consistency on our part.

Reduce sodium. You hear this all the time, and you are saying right now “but I don’t use a salt shaker.”  It is not the salt shaker (it does play a role however, ) it is the refined foods, canned foods, processed foods, fast foods that are high in hidden sodium with these types of foods providing 75 to 80 percent of your daily  intake. Deli meats, luncheon meats and hot dogs are high in sodium. Most frozen packaged convenient foods are also high in sodium. Whole foods that you prepare and cook at home are lower in sodium. You have the power to reduce your sodium intake; it will take a little work on your part, but is well worth the effort. - See more at: You can lower your blood pressure by changing the following:
Adding more Fiber in our Diet   

The “Big F” is FIBER.  It is derived from plants and scores huge in keeping the heart and colon healthy, for better blood circulation and detoxification.
Good blood circulation prevents hypertension.  Sapping bad cholesterol and toxins out of the body by consuming fibrous food, such as oatmeal, also promotes digestive health and prevents colon cancer… aside from boosting good blood circulation., an esteemed medical online publication revealed that "adding fiber to the diet was associated with a significant reduction in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure in people with high blood pressure." also pointed out other lifestyle and dietary improvements which help keep blood pressure levels under control. These include "weight loss, reduced sodium intake, moderation in alcohol use, increased potassium intake, increased physical activity, and following the DASH (dietary approaches to stop hypertension) diet."

Fiber-packed Food

Basically, anyone who wishes to gain the benefits of fiber simply has to eat more fruits and vegetables. Fiber may also be sourced from cereals such as oatmeal. There are many variants of oatmeal---instant, quick cooking, whole grain rolled oats and oat bran. Just find the kind that suits your taste and lifestyle most.

One brand, Australia Harvest Oatmeal, boasts of best quality as it prides itself in coming form the world's best oats-growing region, West Australia. Perhaps it is the best source & superior quality assurance that made the Philippine Volcanoes which is the country's official rugby team sent to battle in international rugby competitions choose Australia Harvest Oatmeal as their Official Fiber Partner. And for good reasons. The Philippine Volcanoes just won their bronze medal in the recently concluded Asian Rugby Competition.

So stay healthy and spread the fitness word.

Fiber up for life !


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