Friday, May 6, 2016


Ever heard of that biblical story about the prodigal son who left his father's kingdom and went back home after wasting all his money? Did you also know that the father welcomed back this son with open arms and even held a feast to celebrate his return?

You may have watched, read or heard a similar story, finding it familiar & predictable since biblical stories are never far fetched when it came to real life.  I believe that all stories whether biblical or fiction are reflections of what happened in the real world. They can never be far from the truth. 

I was not really close to my Mom when I was a kid. I was more of a Daddy's girl, the first princess in the family and my Mom's biggest disappointment. I was the daughter who received early morning sermons because I did not wake up early & was required to take care of my siblings' needs so we will not be late for school. I was the girl who sold ice candies while my classmates happily ran on the school grounds, even during Recognition Days so we could earn extra money to augment my Mom's small income as a teacher. I was the aloof, cold, person who had bad dreams about my mom being a vampire, sucking my blood where I woke up crying, grateful that it was only a dream. And I was the only one in the family who did not finish college, got married unprepared, had kids almost every year, who was unemployed for a long time, financially incapable & whose marriage hit rock bottom, finally resulting in a separation from my husband.

It was hard living with my mom. We had daily fights on almost everything from her traditional and backward ways of thinking too much of what other people would say, of sticking with that old school mindset when it came to education, of being too closed minded on almost everything. There were days when the shouting matches became frequent, unreasonable and too personal. It became unhealthy until one day I prayed that  the daily fights would stop because my kids have witnessed it everyday.

The heavens did hear all my prayers especially when I learned that the fights came from small talk among my relatives whose favorite past time was to watch families fight everyday. It was a huge turnaround in our lives especially when I decided to work in the city and leave some of my kids to my Mom. She understood my decision, fully supported me in my chosen career, made me go through life even if that meant learning my lessons the hard way. But most importantly, she made me remember that there is always a home that I could return to & that she will welcome me and my children back no matter what happens. 


Such was my Mom's love that made me see life differently, loving my children more and appreciating every blessing and blessings in disguise that came my way everyday.

This Mother' Day, Century Mall has an ongoing promo for all Mothers by simply writing her a thank you note.


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They are very easy to follow and I encourage you to join not just because of the awesome prizes in store to be given away but because  Mothers appreciate what ever little thing you give them, whatever occasion it maybe. I know that for sure because I am also a Mom.

Lastly, show your Mom how you love her everyday as much as you can. She will not be here forever. We are such lucky beings knowing that our Moms are still with us, that they will always be there to welcome us back every time we search for ourselves and decide to go back home.



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